Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peace. The Time has Come

For your children’s adult intimate relationships to succeed, you must show them what a successful, loving relationship looks, sounds, and acts like. For your children’s relationships with each other to blossom, you must model friendship with your siblings. To create a home different than the one you grew up in, change the way you respond to what happens behind closed doors. Fill the space with love and peace. Avoid chaos and anger. Identify your triggers – those things that set you off on a yelling rampage or make you run and hide. Learn to addresses the triggers respectfully, calmly, peacefully and without quick whipping words and judgment. Only then can you create calm instead of chaos in your adult family while staring your childhood baggage in the eye and telling it where to go. Let the peace the world so desperately needs begin with you - in your home – in your neighborhood in your “Main Street.”

And, if you fail as often as I do, respond like this: Apologize to your children and start over. Tell them your goal is to foster calm instead of chaos and peace instead of pain. Allow them to respectfully remind you that this is your goal. Allow them to be a part of your goal and your soul. Allow them to teach you as much as you are trying to teach them.


Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

"Part of your goal and your soul..." lovely. I miss you.

Ursula said...

Wonderful prayer, great picture and heart-felt words. Thank you for sharing with us who you are being.
May I post this prayer on our blog at

Ursula said...

A wonderful prayer, beautiful pictures and heart-felt words.
Thank you.
May I use this prayer for our blog?