Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swoosh and score

He sat silently on the living room floor picking the tiniest pieces of Legos from a mound of grey, black, and white plastic pieces. He whistled contently to himself - his imagination took shape in stackable toys. My forth grade son Jake is at peace with his pieces. Yes, he plays sports too. But, last year in basketball he struggled to understand the game and make the plays. This year a miracle happened. His coach said "Jake, you are the most improved player on the team," and suddenly my boy found his groove. A team mate passed him the ball under the basket. He caught it. The parents shouted, “shoot, Jake. You can do it.” He looked for an open team mate to pass to instead. Seeing no one open and hearing the roar of the crowd, my beautiful, brainy son took a shot. As the ball hit the backboard and rolled around the rim of the basket, the parents went wild. “Swoosh,” went the basketball. And “score,” went Jake’s confidence. Thanks coaches, for making our son a play-maker too!


zaario said...

I'm thinking we should put LeBron James on notice. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Collins Family said...

so awesome!