Friday, January 21, 2011

Walker Art Center closed his exhibit this month

Alec Soth's Melissa (see photo in link at end) stares at me with French tip nails folded into themselves laid calmly under breasts. Her white smooth wedding dress pops from largeness of bosom and tightness of gown. She sits in a cheap plastic chair outside a dusty motel room and waits. She waits for the ebb and flow of her new married life to begin. Her stone cold face looks hauntingly at me as if to say “I see you. Do you see me? You are me.” The dampness of Niagara Falls sprays her by wind and will drenching the cement at her feet. It creep up gown lace wrinkling trim with moisture. The bride’s lips pinch shut waterless. Her newlywedness in sharp contrast with my twenty years of marriage without an itch? See the inspiration for this writing at Alec Soth's Facebook page: Niagra Photo Album

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