Sunday, August 19, 2012

"safe in the suburbs"

In a world where perfection is prized, mediocrity does not jive, I long to just survive.  I find myself in a bind.  I long for a "sex in the city" lifestyle of writing a weekly column for major publications yet I live the "safe in the suburbs" work-a-day momwife life.  Some of my writer friends have stopped living the rat race - they no longer punch a time clock. They own their own firms etc.  I know it is not any easier than this 9-5 life I lead now but the independence is something I crave. 


Heidi said...

Some of us with flexibility crave stability. When we are in one state, we look at the other for what we find lacking in what we have. Thinking about how things would be, dare I say, better, if only we had more ______ (for me, stability, for you, flexibility). It's hard to live like that, and I am trying to be fine with where I am.

DeliberateDeborah said...

Amen sister. Thanks for the gentle reminder :)