Monday, October 29, 2012

What did you love to do when you were 10?

I am declaring today "Deb Lande’s Line in the Sand Day." While it may seem overly dramatic to declare a day for myself, it is not unfounded.  See my dog Star?  Now SHE knows how to declare a day, and a spot in our home, and claim it for her OWN! Today I begin my first full week of unemployment since January 2012.  And, it is the second time I have been unemployed in less then 12 months.  So today I begin an intentional quest for a new "career,” not a new "job."  The two efforts have very different energies.  Last year, when I lost my job, I slammed onto job seeking websites, I pounded out e-mails to everyone I knew while attaching a polished resume, I updated LinkedIn and  sought connections, and I met with every warm body that would have me.  Sound kinda desperate?  Yep. That’s because I was.  This time, I am different. This time I choose to breathe, reflect, and pause instead.  There is a great article in the Star Tribune today called "stop being average and start being extraordinary."  It asks us to ask ourselves:  What comes easy to me? What do other people tell me that I do well? What did I love to do when I was 10 years old?  Within these simple questions are the answers to our passions.  While I may not be able to ride horses for a living, or perform on stage professionally, I may be able to work a little of those 10 year old activities into my career path.  We shall see.  I will be working on writing about these questions today and remembering my core strengths: Belief, Intellection, Connectedness, Positivity, Self-Assurance. Thanks for your encouragement through the career transition. J

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