Monday, August 26, 2013

An Intention for my College Bound Daughter

I pray for strength. I pray for kindness.  I pray for patience.  I pray for enduring acceptance.

Please, Holy One, keep her safe from harm. May my daughter meet people that fill her life with laughter, good, clean, safe fun and life-long friendships she can count on.  May she be filled with your light and love so she attracts only that into her days.  Help her identify struggles quickly so the universe may bring her the solution she needs without pause. May He Who Is To Come enter her life for the first time this fall.  Let him be a brilliant young man who thrives on an impeccable work ethic.  Bring his unmatched character and never-critical self to shift her heart. When she needs space to be alone in reflection, he offers the time before she asks.  When she needs closeness and affection, he holds her in timeless silence.  He is tactful, considerate and gracious.  Those who meet him are instantly drawn to him.  He honors her wisdom as equal to his own. He never harms her emotionally and absolutely never physically.  His respect for her is unending.  This is my intention for my daughter, my glorious offspring.  Her grace is our gift.  Her happiness our perpetual quest.

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