Sunday, December 13, 2009

Because love chooses us

Love is endless and has a million shapes and sizes and ways it makes itself known in our lives. Break down the walls that prevent us from forgiving ourselves repeatedly and sincerely. Stop judging yourself and make regrets a thing of the past. Trust that loves come into our lives for a reason. Even if for a brief moment that friendship has a purpose. In the end, with integrity and staying fundamentally true, the necessary learning derived from each and every friendship will make itself known.

Love, instead of fear should dictate our daily decisions until we unlearn destructive patterns and replace them with peace, joy and laughter. The more you love, the more your capacity to love grows. No one can tell you who to love and who not to love. Love is a living, breathing beast that we can neither control nor tame. We can feed it. We can cage it. But it chooses us - not the other way around.

When we face the past head on and do not cower away from consequences induced by self-discovery, we forget why we ran and hid in the first place. When we avoid closing the open loops and mending the broken fences they remain disconnected, tattered and torn. There is no statute of limitations on friendship and love. Go, fix it. Mend it. Do it.

As we get older and care less about what others think, can we finally focus on the legacy God meant for us to leave. Can we finally focus on serving the people we will someday leave behind? Will we finally be honest with the loves whose lives have touched us? The children we adore. Will we finally stop moving long enough to shut up and pay attention, ask questions and just be, love.

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