Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laughter and limber limbs

My treadmill was recently married to a TV. The trusty sidekicks are working together to assure I attain my goals this year. The rubber runner and the comedic endorphin release are exactly what I need on these 6 degree winter days. Watching the flat screen beast is my "reward" for moving myself closer to a flat gut. For 40 minutes I walk while watching The Office and 30 Rock DVDs. I laugh out loud in an empty room until I can hardly breathe. When the sweat-breaking 40 minutes are up, I've watched exactly two episodes of the greatest sitcoms around. My reward - laughter and limber limbs.
I leave for Mazatlan, Mexico tomorrow morning at 6am on Sun Country Airlines with the Cities 97 radio station Beach Party tour. The last two times I went to Mazatlan I was in my 20's. I wonder if the quest for a drunken stupor of my 20's will be replaced with the comfortable faith-filled sobriety and gratitude of my 40's. Time will tell what discoveries abound...

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zaario said...

My "trusty sidekicks" are basketball once a week followed immediately by a steak & eggs breakfast. But for some odd reason, it doesn't seem to be helping.