Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks to Sun Country

I woke up late on Wednesday morning and missed my flight. Yes,. you heard me right. I missed my charter flight. But did I let that stop me? Oh no....Sun Country (thankfully) got me to Cancun and from there I made it over to MZT...just a minor delay....And sooooo the Beach party has begun. BT and Lee put on a classic acoustic sunrise, Mazatlan style, this morning. Studio microphones in hand, the duo overlooked the sandy beach and greeted Cities 97 fans staying at El Cid resorts. With foodie Thursday, the wine guy and guest speakers from El Cid resort, the show must (and did) go on thousands of miles from home. The crashing waves added to the cheers as BT and Lee rallied the fans and kicked off our day. I wish you were here...It's not too late.....there are still trips for two available from Cities 97. Go for it! But just started raining.....

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