Thursday, July 7, 2011

This time We R on vacation

I talk about living like I'm on vacation - a phrase coined by my friend Christa Hillstrom to describe living daily while experiencing in-your-back-yard adventures. But this weekend we WERE on vacation. 4th of July weekend found our family far far away in a land of mosquitoes and sunny. Thanks to a Sea Ray with a full tank of gas and a cloud-less sky, we played hard. The kids, the cousins, the sisters and brothers were on the water, the four wheeler or fishing. Our parent's cabin on Ash Lake, near Orr, MN, has no cell phone reception, no TV and no Internet. What did we do instead? Let's just say there was a lot of time on the water by day and some large bangs, bright lights and mosquitoes by night...oh yeah, and my sister Monica playing guitar at the campfire...Perfection.