Thursday, July 21, 2011

Target Tradition - buying every time?

As my son and I drove home from a wonderful outdoor evening at a park and picnic tonight, he said, "Mom, can we go to Target?" I was just there last night and had scratched everything off my list - to the tune of $129.00. We can never get out of that place without spending at least $100!!!

What is the DEAL with that anyway?

But it does not stop there.  My son went on to reveal an ah - ha moment for both of us. He said, "Actually mom, I can't remember one single time I left Target empty handed. You always buy SOMETHING for me - even if it's small and only costs like $1." "What?" I shrieked in laughter and horror. "Yeah," he continued, "It is a Target Tradition. Even that time when we went in for one thing and they did not have it - we almost left without buying me anything, I quickly said, " 'Mom can I have a slushie', just before we hit the exit door."

Oh man, he is right! His slushie made him the blue-tongue boy in the car ride home that day! The Target Tradition has made Jakob a little spoiled boy....I think I better nip this little tradition in the bud!! He now wishes he had not pointed this tradition out to me.

Oops....too late, too bad and so sad for my little blue tongued buddy!

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