Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who do you love?

Who do you love? Let me count them one by one. I love the kids that make me smile, that share my home and will be with me for a while. I love the man who asked for my hand. Even though he’s from that other land (Iowa). I love the family that wants to hear my stories without judgement and accompanied with cheer. I love the friends who gather together knowing we’ll be friends forever. I love the boys who make me smile, bring me music and books and reminisce awhile. I love the parents who brought me to this place, taught me to love the outdoors and live a slow pace. I love all those who push me to be the very best me I can possibly be. But most of all I love the God who gave me life. The blessings are many, the ideas vast with resources plenty. Lord, give me the courage to do what you put me on this earth to do. I know I have not hit the mark yet…but I feel I am inching closer!!!