Saturday, September 24, 2011

My last day at CommonBond

To my CommonBond friends and co-workers - written and sent on my last day of employment there:

I am sharing a quick note to say I deeply enjoyed my 14 years at
CommonBond and have fully embraced the mission supporting those we
serve. But the richest part of my job was working with all of you. As I
led the roundtable discussion at our all-staff retreat last week, I was
again inspired by how dedicated everyone is. With the last group, when
we talked about what we WILL commit to as we move forward, I committed
to remaining a force of optimism and positive energy in the world.
Despite the forces around us that we can not control, the thing we can
control is our attitude and with that, I bid you adios with a positive
attitude and two more quick thoughts:

When I told my daughter on Monday night that I was leaving CommonBond,
this is what she posted on her Facebook page:
"Don't waste your time looking back on what you lost, move on, for life
is not meant to be traveled backwards"

When I told my son, his response was "It's okay, mom, I can wait to buy
more Legos"

I thought this would bring a smile to your face.

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Collins Family said...

Wow, Deb! Congrats! What is your plan now? Do you have a new job? Staying home? Enjoy!