Friday, October 7, 2011

Consolidated Love
-by deliberate deborah
From the 2012 NYT best seller,
Universal Intentions

The universe does not revolve
Around one kind of love.
The energy is miracle-making
It’s power unimaginable until
Fully absorbed and accepted.
Thank you Great Spirit
For blessing us with multiple loves.
Friends, family, lovers, children
Our hearts expand, our souls rejoice.
Their love consolidates around us
Lives touch ours and go.
Lives penetrate ours and stay.
Angling through arteries
Clasping corners of compassion.
Timeless love, emotional love, soul-filled love,
Romantic love, parent-child love, and universal love
Consolidate into a saving grace.
Love another with ego-less intimacy
And consolidated love will find you
In return.

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