Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Tree of Life remembered

The last movie my hubby and I saw together was June 6, 2011...My friend's husband produced The Tree of Life. Tonight, after having a heart to heart and a couple laughs with my daughter, I watched the movie trailer on YouTube and then wrote this:

The trailer for the movie Tree of Life is two minutes and 12 seconds long. Images of Brad Pitt raging against his wife then seeking an unapologetic hug follow his weapy creepy stares while his hands neck-squeeze his young son. Full grown, the son, played by Sean Penn, grasps helplessly with the meaning of his life which was shaped painfully by a confusing childhood and an emotionally detached father. The movie, juxstaposed with remarkable Hubble telescope images and lighted wombs filled with human matter and form - remind me about the fragility and concreteness of the lives we touch, shape and mold. The greatness of this movie is unmatched. An emotionally detached man raises an emotionally detached son. No wonder it had to be made. The reality of life – the branches, bark, roots, leaves and buds we produce daily are real. The infinite. The here. The now. The universality of the human experience. See the movie. Be open to its hidden messages.

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