Monday, March 19, 2012

The mirror friends

It has been nearly 9 weeks since my 42 year old brother had a massive stroke. My relationship with my parents is in turmoil because of their judgements upon me in connection to the situation.
My friend and I have this thing: we talk about being mirror friends. We say, "tell me honestly what you see when you look at me. As I look into your eyes, the way I look deeply into my own eyes in a mirror, tell me what is joyful, graceful and real. Tell me what is angry, judgemental and fake. Call me on my shit. I’m open to it." I can be open to what my friend has to say. Why? Because the observations he makes comes from a place of love WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. The mirror a person holds up, if it is to help me change my behavior, must not be wavy, stretchy, or skewed. It must be a pure reflection of unconditional love. The mirror must be free from scratches filled with pain. The looking glass can not have smears of past hurts and blames. The reflection must not stretch me tall, squash me flat, puff me fat or make me dizzy with wavy guilt-ridden issues. I AM enough. I KNOW I am enough. My true friends see that and guide me on my journey to constant self improvement with consolidated love. When my parents can see that about me too - and perhaps when I can see it about them - much healing will commence.

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Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Yes, my dear, you are absolutely enough. My goodness I miss you.