Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No job? No judge!

This morning my son was racing around the house late for school while looking for his shoes and he yelled at himself. “Why can’t I just learn to leave my shoes in a logical place?” He left them INSIDE the TV cabinet. I laughed out loud and smiled because I could not have said it better myself. I poured another cup of coffee and put my own shoes on to drive him to school. We live three blocks away from his school so why do you ask would I drive him? Because I worked outside my home, earning a decent but not lucrative wage, his whole life and I was laid off in September. For 12 weeks now, as I look for work, apply for unemployment and try to navigate the maze of “job hunting tips and tricks” I pause. Every morning, I drive him to school because I CAN! Don’t judge me for wasting gas – some wonderful conversations with my son happen in those magic three minutes in the car. This morning he asked "why are people homelessness mom?" Be happy and healthy exactly where you are. If you are missing something in your life, add a little of it in. If you have too much of something else, cut it out bit by bit. Be deliberate. Be intentional. Be there for your kids wherever and whenever you can sneak in a moment or two. They will remember the little things you do daily more than you know.

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